Join us for IMPACT 2020 – a unique and engaging virtual program designed to help middle school and high school students develop the skills necessary to pursue a passion, tackle a community need, and form a network with other young leaders from across the country.

To register an individual student for an IMPACT 2020 session, please complete the enrollment form below. Once complete, you will be directed to a payment page to finalize your registration.

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For educational and funding reporting purposes, Close Up requests that you provide the following demographic information. Such information will remain confidential and will not be used at any time for selection or placement criteria for the Close Up programs. Please complete all items below. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Please select a program from one of the options below:
Middle School Introduction to Community Engagement (3 sessions - $175): September 29 - October 1
Middle School: Task Force for Community Engagement (9 sessions - $475): Wednesdays, October 14 - December 16
High School: Task Force for Community Engagement (9 sessions - $475): Tuesdays, October 13 - December 15

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