b'WHO WE AREOurstudentslearned CloseUpisthenationspremiernonprofit,nonpartisancivic more than history and educationorganization.Since1971,over900,000studentsand teachers have participated on our experiential learningpolitics.Theygained programs, and many more have enhanced their curriculum usingClose Ups innovative classroom resources. reallifeexperiences that will prepare them forlifebeyondhighWHAT WE DO school !At Close Up, we believe young people areessential to American Karen, Teacher, CAdemocracy.Ourprogramsaredesignedtoprovidethemwiththe knowledge and skills they need to be informed and active citizens. Students who come on Close Up return home inspired to get involved and empowered to further civil discourse in their communities.HOW WE DO ITDISCOVER Guided by ourUsing DC as a living classroom, students have the opportunity to come face-to-facewith the people, institutions, and iconic sites thatembodyournationspastandpresent.Theseonce-in-a-lifetimeopportunitiesinspireandempoweryoungpeopleto become actively engaged citizens!highly-trained instructors, students participate in facilitated debates and workshops with their peers of varying viewpoints, and ultimately find their unique voice while discussing the differences they share in our democracy.'