b'S Arrive in WashingtonM Federal Indian Policy History WorkshopT U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Meet your Close Up Concierge and explore DCVisit the larger-than-life representation of the U with your school O Thomas Jefferson Memorial Study Visit**U iconic flag-raising at Iwo JimaAnalyze the effect of Jeffersons policies towards N Welcome Dinner N American Indians EIndian Issues Today Panel Seminar D Opening Remarks from the NationalD White House Study VisitS Experts in Indian law and policy will share Examine the life of Andrew Jacksondiscuss his A Congress of American Indians A actions regarding American Indians D their insights with students as they prepare to develop ideas for their Tribal Action Initiatives Y Group Orientation Y Smithsonian National Museum of theA and to identify questions for the meetingsMeet students from across the country and getAmerican Indian Study Visit & Lunch to know your Close Up instructor YGet an in-depth understanding of AmericanLunch at Pentagon City MallIntroduction Workshop* Indian history by exploring this extensiveNeighborhood Study Visit and Lunch collection of Native artifactsThe rights and responsibilities of dual citizens Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Study VisitExplore DC off the beaten path, e.g. U Street, Reorganization and the New Deal ChinatownSocial Time Dinner at HotelMartin Luther King, Jr.Memorial How do we see MLKs view of justice in theTribal Action Initiatives Activity U.S. today? Work with peers from your tribe to create Lincoln Memorial Study Visitsolutions to issues that affect your communityWhat does the imagery of the memorial sayMock Congress Workshop about his legacy? Debate, amend, and vote on the same Pizza Dinner issues elected representatives are currently Federal Government Structure Workshopconsidering * WorkshopsaresmalllearningcommunitiescomprisedofDiscover the three branches of government andSocial Timestudentsfromvariousstates.Eachworkshopcommunitythe role each play in American Indian policyisledbythesameCloseUpProgramInstructorforthe durationofthetrip. Tribal Goverment Group Activity ** StudyVisitsledbyhighly-trainedinstructorsprovideuniqueopportunitiestolearnusinghistoricsitesandinstitutionsas Work with peers from your tribe to create livingclassrooms.presentations about your tribes government, Sample schedule subject to change. economy, and culture'