b'A ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXPERIENCEImaginemeeting your representativesin front of the U.S. Capitol to discuss the issues that matter to you. Envisiondiscovering historybehind DCs famous monuments, museums, and memorials. And picture theendless friendships,ideas, and conversations youll have as you meet other students from around the country. What could be more inspiring? On Close Up, experiencing theseextraordinary momentsis just the beginning! Throughout your time in DC, you will engage in meaningful discussions andexplore DC beyond the marble.These insightful exchanges and guided discoveries will show you how government impacts your everyday life and help you realize the power of active citizenship. By participating on Close Up, you will gain the skills you need to get involved in your community and return home with lifelong memories!EDUCATING TOMORROWS LEADERS Since 1971, Close Up has beenthe nations leaderin civic education. Nearlyone million students and teachershave come to Washington, DC, with Close Up to take part in authentic experiences that help them better understand American democracy and their unique role in it. Driven by a mission toinform, inspire, and empower,Close Up gives students the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to become critical thinkers andgreat leadersfor Americas future.'