b'SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAYArrive in WashingtonThree Faces of Democracy Study Visit**War Memorials Study VisitCapitol Hill DayMeet your Close Up Concierge andHow do the ideas championed by these What do the WWII, Vietnam, andWalk the halls of Congress and getexplore DC with your school famous figures impact society? Korean Memorials say about thosean exclusive look at how ourWelcome Dinner who have served and sacrificed? government operatesGroup Orientation Jefferson MemorialWhat about our Lincoln Memorial Meet students from across the country government would Jefferson agree or How does the imagery of the LincolnMeet with your members ofand get to know your Close Up disagree with today? Memorial portray his legacy? Congress or their staffProgram Instructor FDR MemorialShould governmentNational Politics SeminarAttend and observe Congressionaltake an active role in providing forGain inside access and discuss currentCommittee Hearings to see how laws Introductory Workshop* peoples basic needs? issues with a DC lobbyist, journalist, orand policies are formedWhat are the biggest issues that policymaker we face in our democracy today?MLK MemorialHow can an ordinaryCapitol Hill Group Photo Explore the U.S. Capitol Visitorcitizen accomplish extraordinaryCenter and Museumthings? Lunch at National Place Lunch at the Longworth Cafeteria, aIssues DebateLunch at Reagan Building and Embassy Discovery hot spot for Washington insidersAsk your most challenging political International Trade Center Step foot on foreign soil and discuss questions and engage with a liberal the international political landscape Visit the Supreme Court where manyand conservative DC insider Smithsonian Institution Explorationlandmark cases are decidedVisit one of the world-renowned U.S. Marine Corps MemorialExplore the Library of Congress, themuseums to discover and learn about Visit the larger-than-life representation largest library in the world, and viewhistory and culture of the iconic flag-raising at Iwo Jima the symbolic art and architectureDinner at Hotel Dinner at Pentagon City Witness the U.S. Senate and House *Workshopsaresmalllearningcommunitiescomprisedof Current Issues Discussion ofRepresentatives in action instudentsfromvariousstates.EachworkshopcommunityisledbythesameCloseUpProgramInstructorforthe Debate hot topics with your new friends Mock Congress Workshopthe galleriesdurationofthetrip. from across the country Debate, amend, and vote on the Dinner at DCs Historic Union Station **StudyVisitsledbyhighly-trainedinstructorsprovide same issues elected representativesuniqueopportunitiestolearnusinghistoricsitesand are currently consideringDC Cultural Event institutionsaslivingclassrooms.See a show at a renowned theaterSample schedule subject to change.'